The Roadster Valet is a work of art for premium passenger vehicles. It delivers an aesthetically beautiful six-wheel automotive experience when custom designed to a specific vehicle and then matched with rims & tires and painted to the passenger sedan or wagon it trails. Just as you would expect with an upscale vehicle, the manufacturing attention to detail is superb and there are many thoughtful features that deliver exceptional functionality.

The Roadster Valet is also solidly well-built, overbuilt actually. The bottom line is that it’s the finest automotive cargo trailer ever made. The Roadster Valet shown here, for example, was designed to complement the Audi A4 model series.

Features and specifications on it follow:

Measuring 77” from hitch coupler to rear bumper with a compact 20” tongue, The Roadster Valet is less than half the length of a mid-sized sedan.It weights approximately 500 lbs. when empty and can carry well over a half ton of cargo, a total well within the 2000 lb. weight limit of Class 1 tow packages.

With a width of 66” and height of 39”, The Roadster Valet approximates the dimensions of premium mid-sized sedan trunks. Driving behind this trailer is pleasingly deceptive – it doesn’t appear the vehicle in front of you is towing anything.
You acquire a Second Trunk Trailer for storage space and the Roadster Valet delivers it in spades with a highly functional and cavernous 25.0 cubic feet of interior cargo space – 150% more packing area than you get with the average mid-sized sedan trunk.
25 cubic feet of storage means you can pack all your camping gear into the trunk of the Roadster Valet…and your “first trunk” is still empty. No more stuffed cars and cramped passengers.
Features of the interior trunk include a recessed bungee cord system, a floor trap door to easily secure bike racks and snap-down leather side pocket bags. Useful features all.
The rear end receiver housed in the bumper is ready to take on bike & ski racks and our Vertical Hold accessory.
Fixed axles are common in utility trailers, but the Roadster Valet is not a common trailer. It features Rubber Torsion Independent Suspension or RTIS™. It makes for a road handling difference you can feel. Or more accurately, not feel.
The Roadster Valet’s diamond-shaped chassis is a powerful frame. Constructed of 0.238 ASTMA 500(B) cold-formed steel tubing, it delivers 20 times the strength of a fully loaded 1500 lb. trailer. You’re looking at a compact trailer that is overbuilt on purpose.

Lastly, to safely tow a Roadster Valet, your vehicle must be installed with a tow hitch designed specifically for your make & model. We recommend tow packages manufactured by industry leaders such as Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite, Curt Manufacturing and Da’lan. We will identify your car’s correct tow package and can supply you with everything else you need to be road-ready.

A significant note – when packed to maximum weight guidelines, The Roadster Valet will always come well within the gross vehicle weight (GVW) requirements mandated by your vehicle manufacturer and tow package provider.




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